Lista de libros UX esenciales

Lista de libros UX esenciales

Ángel Sánchez nos trae un excelente compendio de libros esenciales para UXers, iremos actualizando esta entrada con enlaces. Próximamente se lanzará el club de lectura.

User Experience


  • A user’s manual for human experience by Michael Dean
  • About face 3 essentials of interaction design
  • Behavioral biometrics by Kenneth Revett
  • Diseño de procesos cognitivos by Priscila Mendoza
  • HCI professions, differences and definitions
  • Neuro web design what makes them click by Susan Weinschenk
  • New directions in human information behavior


  • Designing for use by Lukas Mathis
  • Content strategy for mobile by Karen Mc Grane
  • The accesibility handbook
  • A pattern language for web usability by Ian Graham
  • Always be testing by Bryan Eisenberg
  • Best practices of mobile checkout
  • Beyond the usability lab by Bill Albert
  • Customer centered design , a new aproach of web usability Karen Lyatt
  • Design Driven Testing, test smarter, not harder by Matt Stephens
  • Designing the obvious by Robert Hoekman
  • Designing forms that convert by Nathan Barry
  • Designing search by Greg Nudelman
  • Do it yourself user testnig by Modus associates
  • Don’t make me think by Steve Krug
  • User centered design
  • Ecommerce usability
  • Forms that work, designing web forms for usability by Caroline Jarret
  • Handbookk of usability testing
  • Landing page optimization
  • Lean usability by Meetup
  • Rocket surgery made easy by New Riders
  • Research based web design and usability guidelines by Ben Schemeidermann
  • Search patterns
  • Usability and internationalization of information technology by Nuray Aykin
  • Usability checklist by Userium
  • Usability methods toolbox handbook by james Horm
  • Usability testing essentials by Carol Barnum
  • Usable Usability by Eric Riess
  • When search meets usability by Shari Thurow


  • Essential skills for the agile developers by Allan Swalowsky
  • Git from bottom up by John Wiegley
  • Agile Course (spanish)
  • Kanban y Scrum (spanish)
  • The agile development by James Shore
  • The agile modeling by Scott Ambler
  • Scrum y Xo desde las trincheras (spanish) by Henrik Kniberg
  • Scrum Handbook by Jeff Sutherlands
  • The Productivity Manifesto by Nathan Barry
  • Version control with GIT by John Loeliger

User Interface Design Web

  • Web Form Design, Filling in the blanks by Luke Wrobleski
  • 2013 trends web and mobile by
  • Creatibg a website redesign strategy by Hubspot
  • The essential guide to User Interface Design by Wilbert Galitz
  • The principles of beautiful web design by Jason Beaird
  • Rockstar icon designer by Rockable
  • Pixel Perfect Precision by Ustwo
  • Effective UI by Jonathan Anderson
  • Ordering disorder, grid principles for web desing by Khoi Vinh
  • UI description by Gerry Gaffney
  • Interface Ortiented Design by Ken Pugh
  • Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few
  • Designing better UI by Fronteers
  • Designing web UI by Bill Scott
  • Designing social UI by Christian Crumlish

UI for apps

  • App Design handbook by Nathan Barry
  • Interaction Design Guide for Touchscreen Apps by Gerd Waloszek
  • The icon handbook by FSS
  • Metro style apps by Ben Dewey
  • Gamification by design by Gabe Zichermann
  • Tapworthy, designing great iOS apps by Josh Clark
  • Mobile design for iOS by Smashing Mag
  • Pro iOS web designd and development by Andrea Picchi
  • How to market your iOS app by Kinvey
  • Howe to make an HTML 5 app
  • iPhone app entrepeneur by David Appleyard
  • How to make your first iphone app by Jen Gordon


  • The Mobile frontier by Rosenfield Media
  • Wireframig for RWD by Alezander Baxevanis
  • RWD quick guide by Jamal Jackson
  • Implementing RWD by Tim Kadlec
  • Head first mobile
  • Adapting websites for tablets by Mobify

Protoyping HMTL/CSS

  • Jquery for designers by Natalie MacLees
  • From PSD to HTML by Rockable
  • CSS dos and don’ts by Gunnar Bittersman
  • HTML web basic features and elements in 1 day by Ruben D’oliveira
  • The book of CSS3 by Peter Gasston
  • The art and science of CSS by Cameron Adams
  • Pro CSS for high traffic websites by Anthony Kennedy
  • Javascript the definitive guide by David Flannagan
  • Introducing HTML5 by Bruce Lawson
  • HTML5 canvas by Steve Fulton
  • HTML5 designing RIA by Matthew David
  • HTML5 and CSS3 develop with tomorrow’s standards today by Bryan Hogan


  • WordPress guide by Brad Dalton
  • Digging into Wordpres by Chris Coyier


Published by Ángel Sánchez

Diseñador UX/UI y fiel practicante de las metodologías Agile y Lean UX, actualmente en y Mentor en aceleradoras de startups como LimaValley y StartupWeekend. Apasionado del entorno startup, ha estado involucrado en proyectos de este tipo en equipos de desarrollo de software en Italia y España, puede seguirle en @angelcreative

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